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Tom + Mat Attack Twitter Contest Rules

Helo you fine ladies and gentleman!

If you’re reading this, then you are one of our Twitter followers, to which we can only say thank you very much! We started this podcast not to long ago, with the simple aim of doing something we enjoy (podcasting), as well as talking about something we’re both passionate about, Video Games!

It’s something that we hope comes across in the podcast (which we hope you’ll take some time to listen to!), but we’re looking to improve. We’ve been having some serious talks about mixing up the format a little, which may come into play as early as the next episode. But rest assured, we’re looking to be a great source of news, opinions and terrible puns.

To celebrate us hitting the 500 follower mark on Twitter (again, thank you!) and in an effort to improve further, using direct feedback from the people who matter (you folks at home), we’re going to run a little contest for some Microsoft Points. 1800 of them to be precise* As we will physically be buying them from the store ourselves, for now this contest is really only open to the Europeans (although I do have sources America, so you can enter if you’d like!), but it’s pretty straightforward.

There are a 3 ways to enter, and you enter each one time per person! Meaning you can get a max of 3 entries. We will literally print them, put them in a hat, and read them out on Sunday’s podcast (Episode 8 for those keeping score), so without further a due, here’s the ways you can enter!


(1.)  Post a review on iTunes! – Couldn’t be simpler. Post a review of the podcast on iTunes, screen grab it and tweet or PM it at us! There are no extra points for how many stars, just be honest with us!

(2.) Favourite Quote – Simply listen to the podcast, then tweet your favourite quote at us, who said it and in which podcast.

(3.) David Lynch 2D Fighter Photoshop Extravaganza – Just for giggles, do a photoshop / paint of what a 2D David Lynch Fighter might look like! We might even hang it on our wall!


And with that said, good luck to you all! It’s just blind fait who’ll win it, but it’s just a way of saving thank you to you all :)


Tom + Mat

*It will PROBABLY be 1800, it could be more (2100) and hopefully won’t be less! It’s just a star to say it’s not all legally binding, and we might not 100% announce it this week (we could get trapped in a blizzard for example!), but we probably will… I’m just aring the side of caution!